Directions to the Croom 50K/50M/16M Trail Runs

Assuming you are coming via I-75, take exit 61,(old number) which is Highway 98 and as you turn east, reset your trip odometer.

0.2mi: first stoplight. There will be a McDonalds on your right.

1.0mi: Second stoplight, you should turn left onto Croom-Rital Road. If you go under the green pedestrian bridge you went too far.

...... follow Croom-Rital Road

4.6mi: you will go under I-75

6.4mi: fork in road, you go left staying on the pavement

6.7mi: notice the red concrete post about 4' high on your right & another 50' farther on your left? This is where the 7.5 & 22.5mi aid station will be. If you wanted to drop something special to eat/drink or your crew, this would be the place.

7.0mi: pretty much a straight shot to Fire Tower (road used to be gravel, but is now paved)

10.3mi: Race start area. Park in the parking lot on the left by the bathrooms. If you are using a GPS, it's at N 28 deg, 35.651 min by W 62deg 17.746min

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